By John Donnelly

10 October – 03 November 2012


pantsguys Productions in association with The Spare Room

Acclaimed UK writer John Donnelly’s searing new play examines what happens when a young teacher goes off the rails in a failing school.

Being a teacher means weekends. It means thirteen weeks holiday. It means a secure job in uncertain times.

But Zoe doesn’t want to have to rescue her students. She doesn’t want to be called a slag. She doesn’t want to sleep with the Head of Science.
And she doesn’t want to teach a group of kids how to do life. Because that’s something Zoe’s not sure she knows how to do herself.

Shocking, revealing and darkly funny, the writer draws on his own experience working in schools to expose an education system in crisis.

“With humour and passion Rebecca Martin’s production superbly captures all the flaws of the education system. Her extraordinary cast brings to life the struggles of not just one lost generation but three … an engaging night of theatre. And like all good theatre, it leaves us with homework”Theatre Red

“What a great piece of theatre … highly recommended, one of the best productions I’ve seen this year” Whats On Sydney

“A lively ensemble … Silvina D’Alessandro makes good with Zoe’s shifts from bungler to loose cannon to calculating careerist with solid support from Barry French and Brett Rogers. Karli-Rae Gordon, Isaro Kayitesi and Benjamin Ross all have some strong moments and John Benda is particularly good throughout.” SMH

“This is theatre at its absolute best. Everything is nailed to perfection: the comic timing, the shameless crudity and the gut-wrenching dramatic climaxes … If outlandish comedy, highly commendable acting and often jaw-dropping intensity are your thing – watch this play. ” Alternative Media Group

“Knowledge, power, corruption and danger and a savvy, snappy safety valve of humour permeate this brilliantly crafted play … it’s given exuberant execution by pantsguys Productions and warrants your attendance.” Sydney Arts Guide

“A complex situation is impressively explored in Donnelly’s fresh and funny play … Director Rebecca Martin has done a great job [and] the work of the actors pushes the production into being a standout.”Concrete Playground

“Knowledge, power, corruption and danger and a savvy, snappy safety valve of humour permeate this brilliantly crafted play … It warrants your attendance” Sydney Arts Guide

“Will captivate, challenge and broaden your minds … I absolutely loved this … a well produced, directed and above all, well acted play.”

Director Rebecca Martin interviewed for the Griffin Artists’ blog

Interview with cast member Barry French with SX

Director Rebecca Martin
Producer Lara Rosenthal
Assistant Producer Sophie Boniface
Production Design Antoinette Barbouttis
Lighting Chris Page
Sound Marty Jamieson
Stage Manager Gaëlle Clark
Photography Kathy Luu
Accent Coach Linda Nicholls-Gidley

John Benda, Silvina D’Alessandro, Barry French, Karli-Rae Grogan, Isaro Kayitesi, Brett Rogers, Benjamin Ross

10 October – 03 November 2012
Tues – Sat @ 8pm, Sun @ 5pm

Full $30  |  Concession $25  | Groups (10+) $25  | Previews (10 & 11 October @ 8pm) $15
Cheap Tuesdays – “Pay What You Can” (conditions apply)

2hrs and 30mins
Please Note: this production contains strong language, smoking and adult themes

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